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Step into an exceptional world of luxury living that beckons with a myriad of remarkable amenities and unparalleled views. Located in the sought-after Lapta region, this prestigious residential haven offers a canvas of boundless enjoyment, starting from the vibrant kids’ pool and the delightful Mini AquaPark. These inviting spaces provide a haven for your little ones to splash and play, creating cherished memories that will last a lifetime. Adjacent to this aquatic haven, a vibrant kids’ playground stands as a testament to endless laughter and unforgettable moments.

Strategically located, this project is a gateway to growth, accessible from an array of directions and nestled close to the primary highway leading to the city center. Set against a serene backdrop of lush greenery and azure hues, the project seamlessly merges with the surrounding natural beauty, with majestic mountains framing the perfect vista.

To the west of a bustling tourist hub, this project showcases a harmonious blend of modernity and natural splendor. Comprising a range of residences, each dwelling boasts spectacular views of both the tranquil Mediterranean Sea and the awe-inspiring play of dawn and sunset hues.

For the gourmand and beach enthusiast, the project’s proximity to well-known eateries and beaches offers a plethora of gastronomic and leisurely experiences. Within just a short travel distance from the city center, the charm of the project’s social facilities awaits. From a restaurant/cafe that invites culinary exploration to a fully equipped gym and sauna that beckon wellness, the amenities cater to your every desire. Indoor and outdoor pools, as well as a kids’ pool, are havens for relaxation and enjoyment. And, an on-site convenience store ensures that daily needs are easily met.

As a testament to limitless imagination, the project boasts themed areas that invite exploration and discovery. Step into captivating realms, embarking on a journey from the comfort of your own home. Additionally, the on-site center is a sanctuary for cherished moments with loved ones, offering a range of social and leisure areas.

The allure of this project extends beyond its exceptional amenities to its investment potential. With ample land and construction areas, it’s a prime opportunity for those seeking to capitalize on the expanding real estate industry. Communal green spaces enhance the sense of community.

Technical features highlight the project’s commitment to luxury and convenience. Systems ensure seamless functionality, while quality finishes elevate the living experience.

Architectural marvels add a touch of opulence to the properties, where you can savor panoramic views.

At this project, luxury living knows no boundaries, where convenience, opulence, and natural beauty intertwine to create an extraordinary living experience. Welcome to a world where every corner is designed to evoke wonder and joy, where both your present and future find a perfect home.

The location is also close to popular restaurants and beaches, such as Suna’s Beach Bar, Sardunya Bay, Camelot Beach Club, Lapta Coastal Walkway and Merit Hotels. Spectra offers various social facilities to make your stay enjoyable. There will be a restaurant, café, gym, sauna, indoor and outdoor pools, children’s pool, Aqua Park, reception and mini market. Within the complex, you and your loved ones can enjoy the Nova Center, which is located at the entrance to the site. Nova Center offers various social and leisure areas for you to enjoy and have fun.

This extraordinary three-storey villa is outstanding with its impressive features. From the indulgent roof terrace with bar and jacuzzi to the private infinity pool, beautiful interior garden and private sauna in the basement. Situated at the best point of the land, the villa offers unobstructed panoramic views and a sense of overwhelming beauty. Here you can be enchanted by the luxury, the comfort and the breathtaking views.


  • Province / State: Kyrenia
  • City / Town: Alsancak
  • Property ID 8147
  • Price £1,625,000
  • Property Type
  • Property status
  • Rooms 6
  • Bedrooms 6
  • Bathrooms 6
  • Land Size (m2) 790
  • Building Age Project
  • Building Floor 1
  • Floor Number 1


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